Ceetrus Hungary Kft. is sponsoring a tender for university students

16 October 2020

As a silver grade sponsor, Ceetrus Hungary Kft. not only contributes to the implementation of the tender, but also participates in the organization of the competition.

Smart City Challenge is a team competition for students based on innovative ideas, their development and feasibility. The main theme is the „smart city” – a topic that has an impact on everyone’s future. The organizers of the competition expect answers from the teams of 3 to the question what smart solutions can make the lives of city people easier.  

The competition was first organized in 2019 as a result of a student initiative with the aim of enabling high-skilled students to present themselves in the job market in a value-creating way. During the multi-round competition, students receive useful professional guidance, can build valuable business relationships, and even have their best ideas implemented by companies participating in the competition as mentors.

As a real estate market member of Auchan Holding, Ceetrus was primarily engaged in the leasing and operation of commercial real estate until 2018, but since then, in parallel with its renewed vision, it has expanded its scope of activities with real estate and regional development. Thus, it now also implements residential park projects and mixed-use real estate development projects and thereby contributes to the formation of modern cityscapes.

Similar to Ceetrus international, the Hungarian subsidiary aims to create vibrant and sustainable community spaces that meet the needs of the local population with the help of innovative solutions. To make these projects more attractive, the company needs to take advantage of the latest technology as well.  And in this area, today’s college students are fully competent, so Ceetrus gladly takes part in this year’s competition.

The current topic of the three-round tournament is the smart university campus and its development and integration possibilities. Within this, applications can be submitted for several segments, including smart economy, smart population and smart shopping.

Entries can be submitted in the form of a presentation of up to ten slides, which will be judged by a multi-member jury of professionals. While the first round is related to a fictitious government development program, later on, selected students can also learn about real projects of companies and participate in their implementation. In one of the real estate development plans of Ceetrus Hungary Kft., smart shopping also plays a key role, so during the introduction of the participating companies, students can also take a closer look at this project.

Participating in the competition is a great opportunity for students, as they can listen to lectures from renowned professionals, develop their presentation skills, take part in solving a real problem, and last but not least, form professional relationships that can even make the jobhunting easier later on. In addition, the best ones will also receive great prizes. Namely, the first-place team can travel to Barcelona and participate in the Smart City Expo World Congress, as well as receive a 200,000 HUF excellence scholarship.

Dóra Diána Szemerédi, CSR and internal communication manager of Ceetrus Hungary Kft., stated the following in connection with the company’s participation:

“At Ceetrus, we place great emphasis on supporting the professionals of the future, so we have been employing trainees for years and are fully supporting their professional development. This is the first time, however, that we are participating in a university application as a mentor. We believe that in such an innovative, forward-looking competition, we can all learn from each other and have shared experiences. The mission of Ceetrus and Smart City Challenge is the same, as the creation of attractive cityscapes and smart, sustainable living spaces is important for us both. Therefore, we were happy to support the initiative and are pleased not only to help design this year’s topics, but also – as a silver grade sponsor - to take part in its implementation. We hope that there will be a lot of valuable entries for the tender, and look forward to getting to know the talented students in person during the mentoring weekends.”

The deadline for the submission of application materials is October 18. The detailed tender announcement can be read on the Smart City Challenge website.


About Ceetrus

Ceetrus is a global property player based in Europe, founded in 1976. The company was known as Immochan until June 2018. The company’s new name is constructed from the following words: “SEE” (see) “CITIES), “TRUST” (trust), “US” (we). Ceetrus has nearly 1,000 employees across 10 countries, 279 commercial sites including 76 “Aushopping” sites; 1 billion visits/year; a year; 10,700 retail partners; 130 social entrepreneurs supported by the Ceetrus Foundation; over 1,600 housing units acquired or built, 117,000 m² of offices acquired or built; 30,000 m² of leisure activities over the past 2 years. It aims to create responsible, sustainable, vibrant community spaces that contribute to the development of local communities and make people’s everyday lives more comfortable. In addition to its residential and multifunctional projects, Ceetrus Hungary Kft., the Hungarian subsidiary of Ceetrus is primarily involved in the management of Auchan Korzó.