Ceetrus Hungary participated in the PET Cup

01 October 2020

Due to the virus situation, half as many people took part in this year’s event, yet almost as much waste was collected as last year, and to this, the Ceetrus team also contributed.

The PET Cup was held for the eighth time this year. The aim of this honourable civil initiative is to collect discarded PET bottles that flood the Tisza River year after year. The PET Cup has been cleaning the river since 2013, and since then, it has generated tons of waste from the water, captured the adventures of PET Pirates in videos, and inspired thousands to do something for their environment.

Participants also build their own boats with the help of PET bottles. They use these to travel 70-80 river kilometres, during which they collect plenty of beverage bottles and other garbage from the Tisza floodplain.

The collected garbage is going through a spectacular transformation. On the one hand, they use them to build their boats, which is awarded the title of “PET vessel” only, if it complies with certain specifications. On the other hand, PET Cup takes care of the collection, and disposal of the waste, and also coordinates the cleaning and recycling of bottles.  PET Cup also provides for the selective disposal of the waste that is not suitable for building a boat. In this case, their permanent partners are waste recyclers and waste utilities.

The success of PET Cup lies in the fact that the entrants not only take part in the garbage collection, but also in an exciting competition, in addition to visiting beautiful places and contributing to a fantastic community experience. Thus, in fact, they managed to turn the fight against pollution into a good-natured, educational event.

A total of eleven teams participated in this year’s PET Cup. The enthusiastic eight-person team of Ceetrus Hungary – the company behind Auchan Korzó - took part in the competition for the first time. To strengthen the team, members were accompanied by family and friends, so the on-board crew kept changing each other. Dóra Diána Szemerédi, CSR and Internal Communications Manager of Ceetrus Hungary, commented the following regarding the participation:

“For Ceetrus, corporate social responsibility, as well as the protection of our planet and our immediate environment has always been high-priority. Environmental principles are taken into account in all of our development projects, and we have set a number of environmental and biodiversity objectives for the coming years that we want to adhere to. The aim and mission of the PET Cup is an activity that forms people’s attitudes and also has practical benefits, which is why we decided to participate. This year, due to the virus, the field was half the size, so it’s a great pleasure for us that even so, the Tisza was cleaned of more than 8 tons of plastic waste during the six days. We are proud to have been able to contribute to this nice result with the participation of our team.”

Dóra Diána Szemerédi also talked about the fact that it is exemplary if someone sacrifices their free time to do something for their environment, and hopefully Ceetrus’ participation will inspire other companies to look for opportunities to help preserve the planet. This is not Ceetrus’ first social responsibility project, the company’s employees regularly participate in so-called CSR days. Last time they organized a tree planting and garbage collection day in Kecskemét, on the site of one of their real estate development projects.