Ceetrus supports disadvantaged families with clothing donations

30 October 2020

This year, Ceetrus Hungary Kft. took five bags of used clothes to the Avas regional service center of the Directorate of Family and Child Welfare of Miskolc.

As a socially responsible company, Ceetrus Hungary Kft. feels that it’s important to help disadvantaged families as much as possible. Therefore, for the second year in a row, the company is taking a clothing donation to the Avas regional service center of the Directorate of Family and Child Welfare of Miskolc.

The Miskolc institution provides family assistance in the administrative area of ​​the City of Miskolc as well as 13 surrounding small settlements, and provides assistance to the individuals and families living there to solve their social, family and psychological problems.

In addition to general life management and mental health counseling, the center undertakes to organize access to cash and benefits in-kind for those in financial difficulties, and collects donations of household items (e.g. clothing, shoes, toys, books, food, furniture) for them. Many places do not currently accept clothing donations due to the epidemiological situation, but the Miskolc center says that indigent people as well as their family members and children are in fact in greater need of clothing in the current circumstances, as winter is coming and many people find it even harder to find work due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Last year, Ceetrus Hungary Kft. brought complete winter-summer, adult and children’s clothing to four families through the Avas regional service center, especially selected for the sizes of the family members, and this year it contributed five big bags of clothing to help families in need in the area.

The collection of used clothes that are still in good condition was announced by Ceetrus among its colleagues, and the employees of the company mobilized family members and acquaintances to support the cause.

Dóra Diána Szemerédi, CSR and Internal Communications Manager of Ceetrus Hungary, commented the following regarding the donation:

„Ceetrus Hungary Kft. plans to support the Avas center also in the long run. On the one hand the proportion of families in need is higher in this region, and on the other hand the company operates two Auchan Korzós in Miskolc, and therefore cares for the circumstances of the local population a great deal. We plan to make another larger volume of clothing donation available to them this year, and would like to provide them with regular donations during the spring, summer, fall and Christmas periods next year as well. The head of the center, Ágnes Balázsfalvi, welcomed the cooperation, seeing that there is a great need for such support. Most families in difficulty even have trouble getting basic food, with almost no money left for clothing. So, they are very happy when they arrive at the center to choose from the nice, tidy clothes that are made available for them. And we are very happy to be able to help with just a little organization and attention, and would like to encourage other companies to do the same. We would not even think how much help and joy we can provide just by regularly going through our wardrobe, and instead of throwing away unused items, we sustainably donate them to families in need.”

This is not the first social responsibility project at Ceetrus, the company’s employees regularly participate in so-called CSR days. In August, colleagues took part in the decontamination of the river Tisza as part of the PET Cup, and before that, they organized a tree planting and garbage collection day in Kecskemét, at the site of one of their real estate development projects.