Ceetrus supports The Foundation for Breast Cancer Treatment with a donation

14 December 2020

Ceetrus Hungary Kft. considers it important to support the work of one of the most significant Hungarian foundations dealing with breast cancer research and treatment.

As a responsible company, Ceetrus Hungary Kft. places special emphasis on important issues affecting our society. Therefore, this year it provides financial support to various foundations and associations, among them The Foundation for Breast Cancer Treatment.

The Foundation for Breast Cancer Treatment has been established almost three decades ago with the aim of developing breast cancer research and treatment in Hungary, bringing together experts in the field, seeking opportunities for international cooperation to promote cure, and providing comprehensive public information on breast cancer prevention and treatment. On the foundation’s side, women can read about research findings, treatment options, healing stories and self-help groups.

Breast cancer is one of the most common diseases of women today, claiming the lives of about 2,300 women in Hungary every year. The cause of deaths is mostly that the disease is recognized at an overly advanced clinical stage. Breast cancer is therefore surrounded by fear and many taboos, even though the tumor can be cured just as much as any other disease when discovered in time. In addition to early detection, a therapy started at an early stage is the key to effective treatment. If detected early, the tumor can be removed without complications.

Specialists recommend a breast cancer screening at least every two years from the age of 45, i.e., when entering the vulnerable age group. In addition, it is worth holding regular self-examinations from a younger age. Although most lesions in the breast are benign, this can only be clearly identified by a specialist. When experiencing any lesions or inflammation in the breast area, it is advisable to consult a doctor. It’s important to mention that breast cancer is not only a of women’s disease, it occurs also in men - although in a relatively small percentage. Therefore, the disease in the family should not be taboo, it is important to talk about it.

Ceetrus Hungary Kft., the operator of Auchan Korzó, supports the work of the Foundation for Breast Cancer Treatment with a donation of 500,000 HUF. The donation certificate was handed over by Dóra Diána Szemerédi, CSR and Internal Communications Manager and Gergely Fonay, Marketing Team Leader to Dr. Veronika Drajkó, chairman of the board of trustees on behalf of the foundation. Gergely Fonay commented the following in connection with the donation: “At Ceetrus, this topic is especially important to us because the majority of customers at the Auchan Korzós are women. It is unfortunate that among the EU countries Hungary has the highest rate of cancer deaths in relation to the population, so prevention, timely screenings and public information play an important role. We are very pleased that we are able to support the work of the foundation with our financial resources. This way, we can also contribute to the improvement of women’s health in Hungary.”

The foundation plans to use the granted amount to purchase a medical device used during a breast biopsy. The spherical Tumark Vision marker helps to mark the site of the biopsy in ultrasound by increasing its visibility. The unique marker is used to mark the tumor before treatment, so that if the tumor shrinks or disappears during treatment, the marker still shows where the tumor originally was for after treatments. The three-dimensional design of the marker also allows a very good detection in other imaging procedures such as mammography, CT and MRT.