Ramóna Lékai-Kiss and András Stohl are the new brand ambassadors of Auchan Korzó!

26 August 2020

The popular actor-presenters will make their debut in September on the brand’s social media platforms and website as the new faces of Auchan Korzó.

Auchan Korzó, operated by Ceetrus Hungary Kft., is renewing its marketing communication activities this year and as part of this, it will work together with new brand ambassadors. The brand includes nearly 650 stores, service providers, restaurants and cafes in 18 Auchan stores nationwide, including many well-known global brands. The stores are visited by about 71 million visitors a year.

Auchan Korzó’s brand update started in the spring when the brand name „Korzó” used until then was expanded to Auchan Korzó, and a new logo and brand slogan was also introduced. The new “Make a buy, take a break” slogan, as opposed to the previously used “Business and Experience Center” slogan more clearly defines the brand’s message that a visit to Auchan Korzó complements routine daily shopping and promises a quality experience.

In addition to the changes related to the brand, the communication of Auchan Korzó is also getting completely refreshed in several stages. The next milestone of this is Ramóna Lékai-Kiss, a former actress on the popular Between Friends series and hostess of RTL Klub’s X-Faktor and Reggeli, and András Stohl, Jászai Mari Prize winner actor, host of TV2’s Piramis and main protagonist on the series „Bödörék” will be promoting Auchan Korzó from September 2020 in a wide-ranging, long-term collaboration. With their nationwide publicity and diverse, inspiring personalities, the stars will be ideal representatives of the brand.

“We are reshaping Auchan Korzó’s communication strategy this year and as part of this, we expanded our target groups. We have primarily communicated to women so far, but we have now added in the male target group as well. Plus, we consider it important to address single young people in our communication in addition to families. To this end, we were looking for public figures who can not only reach our new target audiences, but are also professionally outstanding. Ramóna Lékai-Kiss immediately seemed to be an ideal choice, as in addition to being a nationally known, acclaimed actress and presenter, she is also a mother of a small child, so she can be a worthy role model for women. We felt similarly about András Stohl, as in addition to András’s national reputation, outstanding achievements as an actor and presenter, he is father to 4 children, so there was no doubt that he would authentically represent the brand and the related target group. ” - said Gergely Fonay, marketing manager of Ceetrus Hungary Kft., operator of Auchan Korzó, in connection with the decision.

Both celebrities welcomed the new assignment of representing Auchan Korzó. Ramóna Lékai-Kiss talked about the cooperation this way: “This is a special project for me, as Auchan Korzó makes shopping a fun experience, and that is why I felt it was close to my heart. Working with András, we would like to show what Auchan Korzó has to offer its customers, as we can not only arrange our daily errands, but also relax, have gastronomic experiences and spend useful time here with our family and friends. Our goal is to make Auchan Korzó a popular meeting place for anyone who is looking for a fun experience not just routine shopping.”

András Stohl is also happy to represent the Auchan Korzó brand, as he and his family are regular visitors of the Auchan Korzó in Dunakeszi.

“I was very pleased with the assignment because Auchan Korzó was already part of our everyday lives even before the cooperation. We go to Dunakeszi every week to shop. It’s close to our home and we can find everything in one place. While my wife does the shopping, I can run in for my contact lenses or pay our checks at the post office. We can also buy new clothes here for Franci and Bandika for school start, or simply because they liked something. The parking lot is also huge, so it’s never a problem to find a parking place”- said the popular actor.  

The Faces of Auchan Korzó campaign will launch in September on the brand’s social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Youtube channel) and website. Personally, the new brand ambassadors will be introduced for the first time as the hosts of The Color Run Make Magic Szolnok powered by Auchan Korzó running festival which will be held in Szolnok in September.

Ceetrus Hungary Kft., the company operating Auchan Korzó, expects a long and fruitful relationship with the new brand ambassadors, and hopes that the two popular celebrities will also be welcomed by customers as representatives of the brand.