CSR : Corporate Social Responsibility

Committed and responsible

We believe in a world of reduced energy consumption, with concern for social and regional equality, that incorporates a reasonably multi-function mix, protects biodiversity, while remaining a value-creating, increasingly connected space. We aim to support this wonderful transformation and contribute by playing our part.

A positive impact

We are a socially responsible company that aims to reduce our environmental footprint. Optimizing energy performance, preventing environmental hazards, obtaining international certifications, enabling public services and mixed-mode transportation, form the basis of our approach to environmental management. Going one step further, we seek to play a useful role in each region in order to satisfy the needs of the various players who make up a city.

A people-first company

Our company is based on a strong cultural DNA that places people at the centre of our actions. Each team member is fully involved in the company’s future. Our employee shareholder scheme allows us to create legacies by connecting individual savings to the company’s growth. Listening to and considering stakeholders’ needs starts with the company’s 1000 team members. We provide a working environment and management policies founded on autonomy and individual responsibility. Decisions are taken as locally as possible, while the company’s Vision 2030 has been co-authored by all our employees.

Social and economic involvement

Our Foundation for Social Entrepreneurship serves social entrepreneurs in more than 90 urban agglomerations across France, and will soon be extending its reach worldwide. We help hundreds of projects come to life, create jobs, and provide new services. True to our values, we aim to become the number one incubator for social innovation in our regions.